VUPPM 500 Stereo Meter

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Product Information

New VUPPM500 Stereo Meter

2x 40 LED Meter displays PPM and VU ballistics with peak hold at the same time. 

  • 50dB range. 30 x 1dB and 10 x 2dB steps
  • Reversable Black PCB front panel with +18dBu scale on one side and 0dBFS on other.
  • Mode Switch - VUPPM, Colour Mode 1, Colour Mode 2. 
  • Peak Reset Switch clears Peak Hold LED
  • Peak Mode Switch - PPM Peak hold, PPM Peak Decay, VU Peak Decay & PPM Peak Hold, VU & PPM Peak Decay.
  • VUPPM mode shows VU in Green over PPM in red.
  • Colour modes shows Classic VU Green, Yellow, Red with PPM peak led.
  • Colour modes can be customised to any combo of colours before shipping. 
  • Meters use 500 rack pin 6 link wire to communicate and sync all meters.
  • Inputs Balanced Analog (with AES / SPDIF option coming soon)
  • Left in on input and right in on output with short female to female lead or TRS in and out on our Eleven rack.
  • If AES card fitted input XLR is AES digital stereo input. (with AES / SPDIF option coming soon) 
  • Blue LEDs mark ends of LED display and +4dBM 0VU and 0dBM PPM or AES digital input -14dfs K14 and -18dfs K18.
  • The 500 end pcb unbolts and is reversable for horizontal racks.
  • Test Mode press Colour Mode and Peak Mode switch together. All leds on RED then Green then Yellow, Loop. 
  • 3 Brightness level set by peak reset switch while in test mode.


Product Code: VUPPM500

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