VU2 Stereo VU Buffer Kit


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Product Information

VU2 KIT is a stereo version of the normal VU buffer  but with some added features.

  • Several PCB input options like 2 x XLR or 2 x TRS jacks or JLM Stereo port 10pin IDC or 3 way mini terminal blocks with pre wired plugs.
  • PCB can be mounted by the PCB XLRs or TRS jacks or 2 x 3mm bolts.
  • Trim pot can be standing on top or sideways under PCB.
  • PCB has 2 x RLAMP resistors for series resistors for led backlight or soft starting lamps.
  • Power from single (+12v to +36v) or split (+/-6v to +/-18v) power rails.
  • PCB 50.8mm (2") x 50.8mm (2").

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Customer Reviews

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Great kit

I'm using JLM's stereo VU buffer kit, and two of the 35 mm VU meters, as part of a stereo receiver project that I'm currently re-building. The kit was pretty easy to put together and I'm a novice. The pictures and description in the build thread are accurate. I took my time, and it took me about 2 hours for assembly of the PCB and initial testing. For power I'm using a 24V DC switching power supply, which also powers the main amplifier in the receiver. The inputs for the L/R channels on the VU buffer board are coming off of the source selector switch in the receiver. Worked like a charm the first time I fired it up. Highly recommended!

sean362880 :: Tue Feb 12 2013, 03:03 am

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