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V8 Opamp Kit

V8 Opamp Kit
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JLM V8 opamp kit uses 4 x dual standard opamps like NE5532AP, OPA2604AP, TL072, LM833, OPA2134 to make a brut powerful hard load driving opamp with low THD. All 8 opamp outputs share the load.

Pinout is standard 99v, 2520, 990, 992, 993.

4 x NE5532AP can drive 60ohm load on +/-12v to +/-18v power rails

4 x OPA2604AP can drive 60ohm load on +/-12v to +/-24v power rails

4 x TL072 can drive 250ohm load on +/-12v to +/-18v power rails

Note if using the V8 in BA BAD or BAN PCB leave out or cut off the 0v ground pin from this opamp for best noise performance

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