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V6 6 Rail Power Supply PCB

V6 6 Rail Power Supply PCB
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V6 PCB - 6 rail super power supply kit for racking SSL and late model Neve modules. V6 can supply 3 x 1.5A positive power rails and 3 x 1.5A negative power rails. V6 has tracking and auto shutdown for each +/-V1 & +/-V2 pair of power rails. So +/- rails power up and shutdown together minimising thumps and pops in any audio equipment it is powering. Also if a fault over currents and shuts down a power rail the other power rail will shut down in sync protecting expensive DOA and DIP8 opamps from internal latch up which can kill opamps. Uses silicon tubes on regs and 4 x 5mm bolts to locate PCB and hold the regs firm to the heatsink. So no white bush and hole burr cutting silicon pad problems. Can be quick released from heatsink in seconds for any maintenance.  Fits on back or front or inside 2 rack unit high cases.  V6 kit is PCB + all PCB parts. Heatsink is optional extra. For poweriing pairs of most SSL & Neve modules rack case side, back or bottom panel is enough heatsinking for V6.


  • 6 power rails. (3 positive and 6 negative @ 1.5Amp each) 
  • Can make one +V and one -V rail @4.5A with tracking protection.
  • 20000uF (10000uF per +/-rail) Super smoothing cap bank.
  • +/-V1 & +/-V2 tracking. (eg the +/-V1 & +/-V2 power rails will track each other while powering up or down within +/-0.3v stopping most thumps and pops)
  • +/-V1 & +/-V2 auto shutdown. (eg if the +16v goes into protect and shuts down it will put down the -16v automatically as well and vica versa) 
  • +V3 can be set to extra normal positive rail or pump charged doubled or tripled for 48v rail with 2 simple jumpers.
  • V6 PCB is ROHS HASL PLATED with thick copper.  
  • V6 PCB measuring a tiny 130mm (5.11") x 66.5mm (2.62") 


V6 Parts List here

V6 Build Thread here

V6 Schematic here

V6 can be configured for below and many other combinations. 
500 series only to provide +16vdc @ 3Amp / -16vdc @ 3Amp and +48vdc @ 400mA using a 2 x 18vac 160VA to 225VA.
500/51X series to provide +16vdc @ 1.5Amp / -16vdc @ 1.5Amp and +24vdc @ 1.5Amp / -24vdc @ 1.5Amp and +48vdc @ 400mA using a 2 x 22vac 225VA to 300VA.
51X series to provide +24vdc @ 3Amp / -24vdc @ 3Amp and +48vdc @ 400mAusing a 2 x 22vac 225VA to 300VA.

 Optional V6 Heatsink is 200mm wide x 75mm high x 38mm deep. Made to fit on back, front or inside 2 unit high rack cases.

V6 PCB topside


V6 PCB Bottomside

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