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Twenty 5 Twenty SMD Opamp

Twenty 5 Twenty SMD Opamp
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Twenty 5 Twenty SMD opamp is an amazing sounding extreme precision version of the old original 2520 opamp. 

  • Voltage range of +/-12v to +/-25v.
  • Precision 1% matched input transistor diff pair
  • Precision 1% matched second stage transistor diff pair.
  • Improved thermal layout for least DC offset on output.
  • Improved output transistor thermal bias current control.
  • Opamp is open unpotted design for servicing and repairs.
  • Now Gold PCB.

We test the Twenty 5 Twenty at +/-25v into a 50ohm load at extreme overload.

Works perfectly on our BA BAD BAN PCB's or any 2520 type mic pre, EQ & Comps including 2500 comp. 


Test results for TWENTY 5 TWENTY against vintage API 2520 in BA kit

Frequency response (from 40 Hz to 15 kHz), dB:+0.10, -0.56+0.10, -0.56
Noise level, dB (A):-108.6-108.9
Dynamic range, dB (A):108.5108.8
THD, %:0.00210.0019
IMD + Noise, %:0.0220.021
DC offset at opamp output pin+/-25mV+/-1mV
Min to Max +/-power rails+/-12v to +/-20v+/-12v to +/-25v


Frequency response in BA kit

Spectrum graph


Noise level in BA kit @ 10dB of gain

Spectrum graph

Basically noise floor of computer testing setup except for 50Hz peak due to open BA PCB kit on bench with no case.

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