Talkback Compressor kit


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Compact and powerful talkback mic pre fet compressor. Can be used as simple balanced in THAT1510 mic pre with balanced out with comp disabled.

  • Neutrik Gold XLR in and out on PCB
  • Talkback switch terminals
  • Comp on/off threshold terminals
  • 10 pin Amp Head plug
  • THAT1510 mic pre 
  • NE5532A balanced output
  • Power +/-12v to +/-18v or single 24v rail with 2 x 12v zeners or 30v with 2 x 15v zeners or 36v with 2 x 18v zeners
  • PCB 2" (50.8mm) x 3.3: (83.8mm)
  • Mounting holes 22mm spaced 1" (25mm) apart. See below diagram


Talkback Comp Build Thread here


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All measurements in millimeters



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