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TA7322P & HA1457 replacement opamp kit

TA7322P & HA1457 replacement opamp kit
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TA7322P & HA1457 replacement opamp kit v2 can replace old TA7322P & HA1457 SIL opamps used in many old Yamaha PM2000, M1516, M1524, M1532 etc consoles.  

Uses dual NE5532AP as one opamp so can drive 300ohm loads and run on +/-25vdc max. Improves performance, especially in summing amp positions.

In some positions in the console that are tight is it best not to use the DIP8 socket but instead solder NE5532AP directly to the PCB.

Parts list

  • Adaptor PCB
  • 2 x 4v7 Zener diode
  • DIP8 machined socket
  • NE5532AP Dual Opamp
  • 9 gold pin strip
  • 9 gold pin plug
  • 2 x 10R resistors
  • 1uF 50v mono cap

Kit Build

  • Fit the 2 x 10R resistors as shown on the overlay on PCB and in the photo above.
  • Fit the 2 x zener diodes so the stripe lines up with overlay on PCB and in the photo above
  • Fit 8-pin socket with opamp or opamp direct to pcb with orientation as shown on overlay and in the photo above.
  • If replacing TA7322 solder 9 pins on the TA7322 side or if replacing HA1457 solder 8 pins on the HA1457 side.
  • See the photo above for an example of the HA1457 replacement kit build.


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esteban.marquez:cuando tenemos el tpmeio para hacerlo lo antes posible, lo hacemos.Esperamos que te ayude a llevar a cabo tu proyecto. No olvides verificar el diagrama contra el circuito impreso antes de trabajar el circuito impreso en la placa virgen.Saludos cordiales (Sat Sep 26 2015, 15:11 pm )

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