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Passive Monitor Controller Kit

Passive Monitor Controller Kit
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New more compact ver2 PCB kit to make Rob Squires Passive Monitor Controller easily. Click on image below to read PDF article.

On this PCB mode control layout is MONO, STEREO, REV. R1 is 4K7 or 5k1 4 resitor SIL pack or 4 seperate 4k7 or5k1 resistors

Passive Monitor Controller PCB ver 2 size is 86.9mm (3.42") x 36.9mm (1.34")

3 switches are spaced 30.48mm (1.2") appart centre to centre of the switch next to it.

Our TASCAM / IDC to XLR / TRS IN & OUT PCB & STEREO IO PCB can be used with this pcb as well.

PCB Kit parts list

3 x Alpha 3 position 4 pole rotary switches.

2 x 10pin header without frame

2 x 10pin IDC header with frame

1 x 26pin IDC header with frame

1 x 5k1 4 resistor SIL or 4 x 4k7 resistors


1 x Dual 10k log pot

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