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MAC Stereo Opto Compressor Complete Rack Kit

MAC Stereo Opto Compressor Complete Rack Kit
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$1,199.00AUD inc GST for Australian Customers
(Approx $840.16USD outside Australia)

Product Information
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Full stereo MAC opto compressor everything kit with pull threshold pot for slow attack and orange slow attack led on front panel.

This is the solder and bolt together kit with everything you need to make a professional dual mono and stereo opto comp. (Runs on any voltage in the world using our prebuilt 48v SMPS so no mains wiring is required)

Parts list

  • 1 x Fully machined and lasered text 1 unit high rack case for stereo MAC comp
  • 2 x 34mm JLM VU Meters
  • 2 x MAC sidechain PCB kits
  • 1 x MAC link kit
  • 2 x Dingo kits
  • 4 x 99v opamps
  • 2 x JLM111DC output transformers
  • 1 x 48v SMPS
  • 1 x Power switch kit
  • 4 x 24v zener diodes
  • 1 x Everything kit (knobs, DC connector, fuse holder, fuses, wire, solder nuts and bolts)

MAC Build thread here

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