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Hybrid SMDv2 Opamp

Hybrid SMDv2 Opamp
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The JLM Hybrid SMDv2 is a fet input IC opamp with high current output drive transistors. It can have the output transistors set to run in Class A/B or Class A Mode that can be enabled by soldering two solder pads together on top of the PCB. It is pin-compatible with the JLM99v, 990, 992, 993, MM99, 2520. Sound-wise in class A/B the opamp is fast and transients snap at you. In class A the top end softens down and sounds silky a bit like the 99v but with super tight low end.

Can be used in precision Mic pres, EQ gyrators, virtual earth summing stages, headphone amps, balanced in receivers and output drivers.


  • 1.1" x 1.1" PCB
  • THD = 0.0019%
  • Min Load = 50ohm
  • Maximum power rails = +/-12vdc to +/-30vdc
  • Idle Current in class A/B = 10 to 12mA
  • Idle Current in class A = 25mA to 30mA

Solder Links together on top of Hybrid PCB to Set Class AB

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