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FC500A Fet Compressor

FC500A Fet Compressor
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FC500A Fet compressor is our full ground up redesign of the 1176LN type compressor with several extra features in a API500 series format.

We can supply this Comp as a 51X version. If you want 51X version please mention this in the comments section when checking out.

  • New A version now has Pull high gain on input pot for easier compression setting and Sidechain HPF now goes to 500Hz. Also pull Output pot out for 2nd Harmonic boost like original type A & B 1176. We have kept all the audio oddities of the side chain to keep the compression signature and extreme compression depth the same but added fully variable ratio from 3:1 to 20:1 and side chain HPF from 10 to 500Hz so the low end can be fully compressed or removed from the side chain to let the low-end breath and make it easy to balance the compressed sound. The Fet has been constant temperature heated for perfect stability and compression linking is fully reworked so 2 or more comps can be linked with ease using the link switch with the perfect matching between channels. The FC500A has a 45dB full gain path so can be used as medium-level mic pre if no phantom is needed or an external phantom power box is used. The audio path has been fully redesigned for better signal to noise and headroom while still having clarity and warmth so that it is at home tracking anything or paired on stereo buss duty. The FC500A is made so even at extreme settings is it hard to make the comp sound anything but fantastic. 

To read the FC500 review from Audio Technology Magazine click here

Features for each Channel

  • Large 34mm white LED backlight GR/VU meter (meter light switches off when comp is switched OUT).
  • Hard relay bypass when comp power off or switched out.
  • Comp IN / OUT / Comp IN and link ON Toggle Switch with Blue Link LED
  • Meter Gain Reduction / +14dBM @ 0VU / +4dBM @ 0VU toggle switch
  • Electronic balanced input to handle extreme input levels without distortion.
  • Large 32mm chicken head input level control for easy setting of compression level with pull high gain setting.
  • Output level pot with 0 to 20dB of gain.
  • Variable ratio pot 3:1 to 20:1
  • Attack andRelease pots
  • Variable SideChain High Pass Filter 10 to 500Hz
  • Huge output transformer (same size as Neve LO1166).
  • Internal jumper for output ground lift.
  • Double-sided Gold plated rear edge connector.
  • 3mm black anodized laser cut, vertical linished with white lasered on text for long-lasting zero wear finish.
  • Compression linking uses the standard API link pin on the back edge connector to link 2 or more FC500.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

FET Excellence

I’ve owned a pair of the FC500A’s for about 9 months and I am nothing but completely happy with their performance. I made a mistake with meter calibration early on and Joe was kind enough to to fix that promptly under warranty so great service as well. Sound wise these guys do an excellent job. Fast and clean if you want but the THD output boost is also extremely useful on something like a drum bus or anywhere where more colour is appropriate and the HPF side chain really does extend the usage options significantly. I’ve been using a number of different fet compressors including the most famous ones in various studios over many years and these compare completely and add a couple of more modern functions into the deal. Also if you’re in Australia the cost proposition can’t be beat for a product of such high quality. Highly recommended. (Fri Nov 12 2021, 18:43 pm )

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