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Dual99v3000 Mic Pre kit

Dual99v3000 Mic Pre kit
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Dual Gain range mod kit
Input Transformer (Required)
1. Opamp (Required)
2. Opamp (Required)

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Product Information
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Dual99v3000 Ver2 mic pre kit version made for retro fit into Sony / MCI MXP3000 consoles uses 2 of our discrete 99v opamps (New +/-16v version) as a 2 stage gain path to provide 66dB of gain with ease. It is aimed at getting big but realistic vocals and acoustic instruments. Kit comes complete with all pcb parts and opamp and input transformer options can be selected. New PCB can so do dual ranges of gain with Dual Gain range mod kit. 20dB to 46dB and pull gain pot for 20dB to 66dB. New pcb can take up to 1.2" input transformers like JT-110K-HPC, CMMI-10APC &API2622



Features for each Channel

  • 48v phantom power switch with red LED indicator for rack XLR in.
  • 20dB pad switch
  • Input transformer inline. 
  • Input transformer up to 1.2" fit new pcb.
  • Gain pot 20dB to 66dB.
  • Dual Gain mod kit gives 2 ranges of gain. 20dB to 46dB and pull gain pot outwards for 20dB to 66dB.

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