AC/DC 3 Rail Power Supply v5 Easy Mount PCB


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AC/DC Ver. 5 Easy Mount PCB makes a Linear based universal power supply that generates 3 voltage rails from a single or dual 15 to 30vac power transformer.

AC/DC Ver 5 Easy Mount has rearranged PCB layout to even improve on its already outstanding performance and can mount to side and bottom of cases with no bracket. Or with angle bracket or on PCB heatsink. All regulators are insulated with silicon tubes making it very easy to mount without and worrying about short circuits.

It has one pump charge rail for 48vdc, 1 +/- Rails that can be set from +/-2v to 37v by a 25turn trim pot depending on power transformer used.

All regulators are in a row on one side for easy heatsink or case mounting.

Can supply maximum 1Amp per +/-V rail and 300mA +48vdc. 1Amp for +/'-V rails can be boosted to 1.5Amp with 4 extra 1N4007 diodes.

New ver 5 PCB as extra screw terminals making wiring to and from the PCB easier. Also all mounting bolts can be used to connect to chassis ground as well a the case screw terminal.

Also has back overlay showing the 3 most common AC/DC mods as well as terminal labels.

The AC/DC Ver5 PCB is 3.23"wide (82mm) x 2.15"deep (54.5mm) x 1.1" (28mm) high from top of tallest cap to lowest solder joint under the PCB.

AC/DC KIT Build Thread here

AC/DC transformer and heatsink calculator here


Product Code: ACDCv5EMPCB

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