500 Tester kit

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Product Information

Pair of PCBs to make 500 TESTER for building and testing 500 modules seperate from a 500 rack with our or API standard 5 pin XLR power supply.

Resistors on pcb allow for current checking of each power rail.

Kit parts

1 x main PCB

1 x Front panel PCB

1 x NC3-FAV

1 x NC3-MAV

1 x NC5-MAV

1 x 15 way 500 edge connector

3 x Green led

2 x 1ohm

1 x 10ohm

2 x 1k5

1 x 4k7

2 x 1000uF 25v

1 x 100uF 50v

2 x 10 pin header

Product Code: 500TESTER

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