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500 51X Extender Cable Kit

500 51X Extender Cable Kit
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Product Information
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Pair of PCBs to make 500 / 51X Extender cable for building and testing 500 / 51X modules outside of the powered rack frame.

(Photo above shows 51X version. Below shows cut down 500 version)

PCB are double sided gold plated. PCB's are simply snapped by hand into 2 pieces and jointed with 16 pin IDC headers, plugs and cable.

Kit parts

1 x PCB pair

2 x 16 pin IDC headers

2 x 16 pin IDC plugs

1 x 300mm 16 wire ribbon

1 x 15 way (500) or 18 way (51X) edge connector


Build instructions

1.      Solder 2 x 16 pin headers to PCB as shown on the overlay with their key way opening as shown on the overlay.

2.      Snap PCB in two halves.

3.      If building 500 version cut along white lines with sidecutters to remove 51X section.

4.      Fit Edge connector as PCB says to UNDERSIDE of the PCB and solder on the overlay side of the PCB.

5.      Make ribbon cable up with red stripe at same end of 16pin cable plug that has the triangle shape. Cable can go in from either side as long as red stripe is at the same end as triangle.

Squeeze the cable plug on to the cable with a vice is the easiest way. Fold the cable back over the top of the plug and fit the strain relief clip with just finger pressure. Do the same for the other end of the cable.

6.      Plug in cable to join the 2 PCB sections and use a multimeter to make sure pin 1 to 16 on plug line up with pin 1 to 16 on edge connector. (Pin 3 is no used so has no connection)

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

500 51X Extender Cable Kit

Nice and helpful little kit, why not make life easier and get one of these I thought. No regrets. I will be using this bad boy for modding and fixing 500 series projects. Just finished using it to calibrate the LA500A kit another great product! (Sat Mar 24 2018, 15:17 pm )

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