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48v 40w 840mA Switch Mode Power Supply

48v 40w 840mA Switch Mode Power Supply
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NEW Large 48v 40w SMPS that is fully MEPS (Green energy rated)that can run on 80vac to 250vac without switching. Takes standard IEC power lead with 48v output on 2.1mm DC connector. Ideal for running 4 to 8 of our Baby Animal, BA4, mic pre kits. The 48v output is fairly smooth and noise free as is but is super smooth when run into a simple RC filter on the output made with a 10R and 470uF 50v cap like all of our Baby Animal kits have on there PCB's. This supply will fit internally in 1 unit high rack cases that have 38mm internal height and has none of the hum of buzz problems that power transformers have when mounted close to audio transformers. 48v is fully floating so can be used to make +/-24v rails with some zener diodes etc . This 48v supply with 6 x 1N4007 to make 4v drop to 44v will run several channels of PM1000 and supply 48v phantom power to them as well. When used with our TREX2 kit to make a 24v rail they can run a 4 of Neve 1272, 1290, 1073, 1081, Telefunken V672, V372 etc.

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