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VUPPM 40 LED Meter Kit

VUPPM 40 LED Meter Kit
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SMPS PCB Module (Required)

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Product Information
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New VUPPMGR40v3 Meter kit 

New Ver 3 RED PCB can run on +5v only if fitted with the tiny 5v to +/-12v SMPS module (This module on one PCB can run 2 x VUPPMGR40v3 PCBs)

VUPPMGR40v3 Youtube Video & Build Thread here

VUPPMGR40v1&2 Youtube Video & Build Thread here

VUPPMGR40v3 Parts List here

40 Led Meter displays PPM and VU ballistics with peak hold at the same time. Also can be switched to show CV gain reduction.

  • 40 x 1dB steps
  • Shows PPM in red with peak hold.
  • Shows VU in Green with peak hold.
  • Balanced/Unbalanced input with front level adjustment.
  • PCB 106mm(4.2") x 50.4mm(2")
  • PCBs can be stacked 15mm apart with hex threaded spacers.
  • Can be powered from +/-12vdc to +/-24vdc (less than 50mA total current draw all leds lit). 
  • Can have on board tiny +/-12vdc to 5vdc SMPS or +5v can be supplied externally.
  • Can have on board tiny +5vdc to +/-12vdc SMPS or +/-12v can be supplied externally. 
  • Some with new small white headers and prewired plugs as shown below.

Software version 1.0
SW terminal switched to 0v to switch to CV input for input on back terminals for Gain reduction.

IDC header which can daisy chained to other 40 led PPM/VU/GR PCBs

  1. Jumper for switching to CV input. (Linked to SW terminal)
  2. Jumper for Peak hold lock with reset when jumper shorted. If jumper left on then defaults to peak hold with decay drop back.
  3. Jumper for turn off VU peak hold.
  4. Jumper for direction change of meter right to left / Left to right
  5. Jumper for CV voltage change from 0v to 5v to 5v to 0v.

(All jumpers can be switched or changed on the fly)
e.g You can switch direction and to CV input to have a Gain reduction meter that travels in the reverse direction to the VUPPM meter.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3

40 Led PPM/VU Meter

I purchased two of these meter kits for inclusion in a custom stereo power amplifier to give a visual indication of approximate power output of the amp during operation. Although my implementation of the PPM/VU circuitry is a bit different than the apparent intent or focus of JLM Audio's general product line - audio recording technology -a meter is a meter and these meters are very innovative designs. Most notable is the inclusion of a dual function PPM metering as well as VU metering in the same display, using bi-color bar LEDS to differentiate the two simultaneous functions. In practice, the bi-color display results in three actual colors, each conveying different information about the input signals. The peak-hold feature, with a well defined and clearly visible decay function, adds to the esthetics of the display as well as conveying the intended metering information of this very clever design. I highly recommend this kit both for its usefullness as well as a very professionally executed and supplied kit. Assembly is easy and straightforward, calibration is simple and the circuit works, glitch-free, after assembly. I do have to add a caveat to this review - although this is the first electronics kit I have ever purchased, I am certainly not a novice audio hobbyist. I worked in the electroncs field professionally and as a audio enthusiast as a hobby for close to 50 years before retirment. Consequently, I found the assembly of the kits to be simple and straightforward to accomplish. However, I think that this kit might present some challenges for an amateur hobbyist - not in the assembly of the kit but in its intended purpose and implementation. In summation, this is a clever and innovative circuit with a well executed design and flawless performance. Jim Parson Silver City, NM (USA) (Sun Feb 05 2012, 01:38 am )

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