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TMP8 8 Channel Mic Pre Rack

TMP8 8 Channel Mic Pre Rack
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TMP-8 Transformer Mic Preamplifier

TMP8 Mic Pre is very minimalist & pure with amazingly silky top end and extreme Signal to Noise ratio. The Low end is tighter and fatter which is amazing on drums. Once the soft limiters are set to match the A/D Converters they are being used with, they sound like the Apogee Soft Limit & Prismsound Overkillers do on all eight channels with a blue LED becoming brighter the harder they are driven. This allows you to use your digital like going to tape so you can use every BIT of your digital input giving you more clarity and no worries about clipping.

Features for each Channel

  • 8 x Transformer Input / Solid State Output Mic Pre
  • Custom Made High Performance Transformer Inputs. (-1dB 10Hz to 400khz unloaded)
  • 2 x 1Meg Unbalanced Fet DI Inputs
  • 6 x 1k Balanced DI Inputs
  • 8 x 20dB Pad Switch.
  • 8 x Phase Reverse Switch.
  • 8 x 48v Phantom Power Switch and LED.
  • 8 x 41 click positions Gain Control from 20 to 60dB.
  • 8 x Soft Limiters that can be set so A/D Converters don't clip with external 3.5mm Jack for each channel.
  • 8 x 3 pin Gold Neutrik XLR on Inputs & Outputs.
  • Available with two sizes of External 110v / 240v Switchmode 48v Power Supply or will run from single 48v 300mA  power rail.
  • 1 rack Unit high in Stainless Steel less than 90mm or 3.5 inches deep including front panel knobs. (75mm or 3 inches rack depth)


  • Maximum output into 10k load = +30dBM (limiter disabled)
  • Maximum output into 600 load = +24dBM (limiter disabled)
  • Maximum input pad out = 0dBM
  • Maximum input pad in = +20dBM
  • Minimum Gain with Pad in = 0dB
  • Maximum Gain with Pad in = 40dB
  • Minimum Gain with Pad out = 20dB
  • Maximum Gain with Pad out = 60dB
  • Input Impedance 600 ohm
  • Output Impedance 600 ohm
  • Frequency response is Flat with -1dB roll offs at 10Hz & 175kHz and -3dB roll offs at 3Hz & 225kHz.
  • THD < 0.005%
  • Soft Limiters can be ordered set to almost any level to match different A/D clip points.
  • The list below shows some of the more common settings.
  • +22dBM for Protools HD Protools 888 Yamaha 02R input Mackie HD System Mackie DXB-200 Mackie MDR24
  • +20dBM for Aark24 ESI Juli@ Apogee Rosetta 800 with internal jumpers set to match +20dBu
  • +19dBM for RME Multiface and Fireface
  • +18dBM for Protools 882 Digi001 Digi002 Paris MOTU896HD MOTU 2408 mk II & mkIII
  • +15.1dBM for Hercules 16/12FW 
  • +10.8dBM for Creamware  A16   MOTU 2408 mk I Alesis A13 (Needs 7dB pad)
  • (To set levels under +18dBM an external three resistor pad which we can supply is needed to convert your non pro A/D to pro levels)

TMP8 Manual here

Sounds like  TMP8_drums-bass-guitar.mp3 (1.45MB)   tmp8 drums.wma (345KB)

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