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JLM Go Between PLUS kit provides a quick and easy way to add ramped 48v phantom power, 20dB PAD, Phase reverse & Input transformer to help rack API & Quad8 etc amp cards or add these extra features to mic pres without them. Also has a IDC connected for adding either of the JLM DI kits in seconds. Go between Plus PCB can take all the input transformers that Baby Animal and Dual 99v PCB's can take and has input & output ratio jumpers as well as places for Rload, Cload, Rzobel, Czobel parts on the PCB. Transformer secondary is available on the output terminal as a floating balanced signal which can be strapped to unbalanced as well.
Mounting details :- 3 x 6.3mm holes in a row spaced at 11.75mm from centre of each switch (PCB 32.5mm x 68mm)


Product Code: GObetPLUS

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Go Between +

Very cool little kit that's as simple to build as all the others. Just make sure you buy another IDC cable if you also buy the variable pad kit as you will be one short if you're hooking this up to say a 1290 kit like I am. Recommended kit! "[Joe] Changed Kit so now comes with 200mm Flat cable and 2 IDC ends". [Joe]"Normal 1290 kit build does not need a variable pad kit".

Mick Mullins :: Thu Jul 30 2009, 11:23 am

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