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JLM AMP kit provides a quick and easy way to build a high quality 60Watt with Balanced or unbalanced input and volume control and mute switch.
  • Two modules can be used to make a 120watt mono bridge amp as long as the power transformer voltage is dropped to 2 x 18vac.
  • If the mute switch is not needed a wire link must be left between mute terminal and -V.
  • If no volume control is needed just leave the terminals +/-vol with nothing wired to them.
  • With no volume control fitted the +/-vol pins can be used to do EQ like low end extension by adding a resistor and capacitor.

AMP kit built thread here

PCB Measures 3" (76.2mm) x 1.5" (38.1mm).

Mounting holes 2.02" (51.31mm) apart and are in 0.49” (12.45mm) from edge and down 0.51” (12.95mm).

Allow 1” (25.4mm) above PCB height and at least 0.2” (5.08mm) under PCB

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7

60-Watt Amp

Just wanted to say, these amps are red hot. I built a pair for my good friend and excellent mix engineer Tom Garnett to run a small pair of hifi speakers for referencing and they sound great. I tested the amps on my PMC's and they sounded every bit as good as my far more expensive Haffler. (Wed Jul 26 2017, 16:24 pm )


Hi, Purchased the kit to use as a power amp for my son's Line6 Pod. The amp went together easily with no hassles and sounds great, can't believe how clean it sounds. The main point I wanted to make in this review was the excellent help provided by Joe, even though this is a cheap kit he always answered my questions quickly and revelantly, covering such topics as transformer and heatsink selection, increasing the amp's volume and even silly little questions that I should have known better, his attitude was evident even months ago when I started looking around at different options and I hadn't purchased anything yet. I am planning on buying a NEVE kit off him in the future as well, confident that any problems I have will be solved. Thanks Joe Frank B (Fri Feb 04 2011, 13:17 pm )

60W AMP Kit

I was glad to find this kit. I had need for a smaller solid-state amp to go along with my guitar and amplifier collection. I had an existing 4ohm Jensen C15N extension cabinet, and an LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI Pre-Amp. I matched the kit to an EMI/RF shielded UL-VO flame retardant enclosure with a +/- 18V toroidal transformer. I found the kit to be relatively easy to put together, easy to debug, and with the basic chip being so tolerant to possibly failure mechanisms a good choice for a novice amp builder. I am an Engineer by training, have worked on electronic equipment off and on over the years,... so I thought I had a good background to put all this together. I really like it. I can plug standard electric guitars straight in and obtain very clear and true sound at "practice" volumes, or use the Pre-Amp with any type of amplified guitar for "club" volume. I liked the spec's on the LM3886 chip, and I would say the reproduction is excellent - you hear what the guitar is resonating. Very quiet background noise and hiss baseline...negligible. (Sun Mar 01 2009, 08:18 am )

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