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1290 Macro Mic Pre Kit

1290 Macro Mic Pre Kit
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Input Transformer (Required)
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NEW 1290 Macro kit is the quickest and most compact way to build a 1290/1073 mic pre.Only need to solder 36 parts to motherboard PCB.BAX83NV & BAX83AM modules fully built and tested.BAX83AM trim pot preset for Neve LO1166 & JLM111DCoutput transformer. Will work with original Neve Marinair transformers or modern Carnhill equivalents.

Look at our 1290 rack kits if you are looking for Stereo 1290 kits with lasered and milled rack case with everything nut and bolt supplied solutions. Or order one of each option below to have all the kits to make a 1290 pre with all mic pre functions. Use GO between kit if using any transformer that doesn't fit on GO between PLUS kit. The power supply options below can run 2 Channels of 1290 mic pres from the one supply.

A full JLM 1290 mic pre with all features would use

  • GO Between PLUS kit
  • OEP input transformer
  • Fet DI kit
  • 1290 Micro kit
  • JLM111DC
  • 48v SMPS + TREX kit (easiest, cheapest and quickest to build with no mains wiring needed and no hum problems) or World transformer power kit and AC/DC kit if you just have to have a linear power supply.
  • You would only need XLR's and case to finish the mic pre.

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