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MONO Ver2 Compact Mic Pre Kit

MONO Ver2 Compact Mic Pre Kit
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The MONO mic pre is a compact tough transformer balanced input mic pre with variable impedance and electronic balanced output which can run on 2 x 9v Normal Alkaline or Rechargable NiMH batteries and provide 18v phantom power which will run most modern condensor microphones or you can use our 48v 520mA SMPS which can charge NiMH batteries at the same time as running the mic pre with 48v phantom power and greater headroom. One 48v SMPS can run and charge 8 MONO Mic pres easy. As usual the same large variety of input transformers can be used as Baby Animal and Baby Animal Dual. The pre is made to run one Dual OPA2604AP opamp on 18v battery power up to 48v SMPS power but can have 2 x JLM99v and compatable footprint discrete opamps fitted with no component changes but the battery power option is then lost. Kit comes with a full CNC cut diecast aluminium box and black Lexan Screenprinted top panel.

MONO Kit Ver2 Build Thread here

MONO Kit Build Thread here

Audio Technologies Guy Harrison You Tube build video for the MONO kit here

Input Transformers the MONO PCB can take directly are

  • JLM1:4
  • OEP A262A3C, A262A2E, A262A3E, A262A6E, A262A7E.
  • Lundahl LL1538, LL1538XL, LL1576, LL1577, LL1578XL.
  • Jensen JT-11K8-APC, JT-110K-HPC, JT-115-EPC, JT-MB-CPCA .
  • Beyer 8mm threaded bolt types.
  • Cinemag CM-75101APC, CMMI-8-PCA.

Opamps the MONO PCB can take directly are

  • JLM99v, Hybird, 990C, 992, 993. (NO battary option with these opamps)
  • NE5532A, OPA2604A. (Allows 2 x 9v battery power and 48v SMPS power)

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