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BAD High Gain Mic Pre Kit

BAD High Gain Mic Pre Kit
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Impedence Pot (Required)
Input Transformer (Required)
1. Opamp (Required)
2. Opamp (Required)
DI Kit (Required)
Output Transformer (Required)
Power Supply (Required)

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Product Information
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The Baby Animal Dual 75dB high gain single channel mic pre kit is a classic old school transformer dual opamp stage mic pre which only needs a single 48v power rail to run on. It is also one our popular kit due to its ease to build and great range of useful warm tones mixed with high gain make it perfect for ribbon mics. The PCB can take several input transformer types as well as several normal dual DIP8 opamps or discrete 1.1" opamps with standard 990 / 2520 pinout. A DI kit can be added in seconds with no wirng except one flat ribbon cable. This kit is even easier to build as no power supply has to be built if using our prebuilt external 48v SMPS which can run up to 4 Baby Animals with DI's and runs only any mains voltage in the world.

Look at our Dual99v kit if you are looking for Baby Animal Dual kits with lasered and milled rack case with everything nut and bolt supplied solution.

Input Transformers the Baby Animal PCB can take directly are

  • JLM1:4
  • OEP A262A3C, A262A2E, A262A3E, A262A6E, A262A7E.
  • Lundahl LL1538, LL1538XL, LL1576, LL1577, LL1578XL.
  • Jensen JT-11K8-APC, JT-110K-HPC, JT-115-EPC, JT-MB-CPCA .
  • Beyer 8mm threaded bolt types.
  • Cinemag CM-75101APC, CMMI-8-PCA.
  • API Classic EA2622

Opamps the baby Animal PCB can take directly are

  • JLM99v, Hybird, 990C, 992, 993.
  • OPA2604A.
  • NE5532A, OPA2134 (BA opamp reg fitted and set to 36v).
  • 2520, 1731, LM833 (BA opamp reg fitted and set to 33v)

BAD parts list here

BAD Build thread here

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

BAD is good!

The performance to the Baby Animal Dual is stunning! I can't believe how quiet it is. The low noise floor is a testament to the clever PCB design and component layout. Everything is fit so neatly into such a small space, without sacrificing performance! With a Lundahl 1538 transformer and a JLM 99V providing the gain, the sound is super detailed and alive. As a bonus, you can add a passive EQ between stages to yield an even more finished sound while tracking, or run recorded tracks through it for equalizing and embiggening later - there's plenty of headroom. A little advice... Get the Impedance Pot add-on, it will unlock a whole new range of sounds from your familiar transformer output microphones. Also, do yourself a favor and get the FET DI kit add-on, I regret skipping it. (Wed Sep 28 2022, 08:02 am )


Hi Joe. I finally had the opportunity to record a bid with my JLM BAD preamp, and it sounds absolutely awesome. I had to leave early from a relaxed session with my band and the next day when I turned on the MAC the singers had recorded some vocals and choirs. The sound of the vocals was fantastic. We used the same Röde mic we always use but the vocals were a lot fatter and had a crispy (metallic?) top end. We also recorded some perc and the sound was really crisp and present. I then opened an old session in protools to compare the sound before and after I got the pre and difference is really big. Thanks a lot joe. I will be shopping in your store again some day... Jeppe Copenhagen (Tue Aug 03 2010, 17:51 pm )

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