dINgO PCB and Kits

The dINgO PCB allows for a easy neat way to have a high performance balanced IN to unbalanced output  and also a unbalanced input amp with gain to balanced Output  so can convert lots of unbalanced gear to balanced in and out. As well as providing the whole audio path for VCA & opto compressors, Passive & Active EQ's, Pro volume control, etc.

  • dINgO kit parts
  • All dINgO PCB's have been bare board tested for shorts and breaks in tracks but it is always worth having a good look over the PCB for any damage before starting to assemble. Print a copy of the type of circuit you are wanting to build on the dINgO PCB from the PDF list above.


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  • Install all needed resistors in there correct locations using chart to the left or better still by using a multimeter with no leads fitted and bending the legs of the resistor and putting them in the meter sockets to double check you have the right value before putting it into the PCB. Fit all resistors before soldering them as this can also help check that you haven't put a resistor in the wrong place.
  • Install DIP8 and/or Gold 1mm sockets if using them so they are the same height as the DIP8 IC sockets.
  • (If the Gold sockets are very tight ream the socket hole out slightly with something tapered but just make sure that you solder them around the top and bottom of the PCB encase the plated hole is damaged from the reaming. The holes are made to be a perfect tight fit but sometimes the tinning to the PCB is to thick which makes the hole seem to small.)


  • Fit Small ceramic 47pF caps flat on there side and 2 x 0.1uF bead caps
  • (These caps can go in either way around)
  • (Bead caps come in yellow or blue and will have 104 written on them)
  • Fit relay, trims pots, IDC sockets and terminal blocks if used from the lowest to the highest height.
  • (If the relay is not used fit two wire link made from cut off resistor legs as shown on the overlay)
  • Fit Electro caps if used from the lowest to the highest height.
  • (These caps are polarised and can only go in one way)


  • The finished dINgO PCB with all terminal blocks fitted.
  • The finished dINgO PCB with terminal blocks and Neutrik XLR's fitted.
  • (The Neutrik A & B Series gold XLR's can hold the whole PCB when screwed to the back panel)
  • (The XLR's are 2" or 50.8mm apart and require 22mm holes)