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Regurgitator PCB can convert any balanced or unbalanced signal in to balanced or unbalanced signal out with trim pot control from -10db loss to +18db gain.

We can sell the PCBs still joined in 1 to 8 multiples with side power connections already joined between the PCB's. 

 Single PCB measures 58.2mm (2.3") x 25.4mm (1"). 8 Way PCB measures 58.2mm (2.3") x  203.2mm (8")

Regurgitator Audio circuit by Rob Squire. Power circuit & PCB by Joe Malone.

Rob's test figures using a 5532 on +/-18V rail

Max balanced output is +29dBu or +26dBm
Noise when trimmed for unity gain is -93dBu unweighted ( this is on the bench with no case and there is a small amount of 50Hz being picked up )
Noise when trimmed for +18dB gain is -73dBu unweighted ( as above )
Noise when trimmed for -10dB gain is -102dBu ( this is the limit of my analyser )
Distortion at unity gain and +10dBu out is 0.002% ( this is the limit of my analyser )
CMRR is -70dBu at unity gain of test unit with normal 1% resistors.
Input Z balanced is 15K and unbalanced is exactly 7.5K looking into either the hot or cold leg.
So this achieves the aim of high CMRR and impedance balanced input. Unlike a normal diff amp where the input Z is different into each leg.


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