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JLM111DC Compact Output Transformer

JLM111DC Compact Output Transformer
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JLM111DCCOMPACT Output transformer. Can be used for Neve LO1166 or API 2503 type DIY projects. The transformer is DC gapped and has 3 identical 150ohm windings that are trifilar wound. So can use as 1:1:1 or 1:2 or 2:1 applications. It is physically slightly smaller size than the LO1166 and standard JLM111DC. The top terminal plate is narrower so it will fit on its side in 1 unit high racks and 500/51X modules which have a 36mm internal height.

Original LO1166 and JLM111DC are built on standard 15VA frame and NEW JLM111DC COMPACT is build on 12VA frame.


  • For 1:1 use any winding for primary and any other winding for secondary.
  • For 1:2 you could use winding 1 for primary and wire +2 to -3 and take  +3 & -2 as the secondary.


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