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JLM PowerStation Ver. 3 kit is a Linear based universal power supply which can generate 5 voltage rails from a single or dual 15 to 30vac power transformer. 
It has one pump charge rail for 48vdc, 2 +/- Rails that can be set from +/-2v to 37v by a 25turn trim pot. All regulators are on one edge for easy heatsink or case mounting. 
With optional 6Amp bridge rectifier fitted which replaces D1 to D4 on lastest Ver 3 PCB. The old 1amp total for +/-V rails can now be boosted to a full 3amp total for +/-V rails (1.5amp per regulated output) . Otherwise normal Powerstation kit can supply 1amp total shared between  both +/-V rail and 300mA +48vdc.
If ordering Powerstation kit built and tested please add the voltages you need each rail set to 48v? +V1? +V2? -V1? -V2? and what power transformer you are using? to the comments box at the end of the checkout procedure.
The PowerStation Ver. 3 PCB is 4.06" wide (103mm) x 1.7" deep (43mm) x 1.1" (28mm) high from top of tallest cap to lowest solder joint under the PCB.
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