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The old original JLM99*MB kit for the JLM99V which can take several transformers from manufacturers like OEP, Lundahl & Jensen. The board also has NE5534A DIP8 sockets so it can be fully tested with cheap IC's before installing the 99V. The PCB can be used for building the simplest NE5534A, OPA604A or 99V, 990, 992 ,993, 2520 circuit or all the way up to dual opamp with dual DC servo. PCB has provision for 3 pushbuttons switches or relays for 48v, PAD & Phase on one edge. The relays run from a constant current source so more relays can be easily wired in series for extra features without making noise on the audio power rails.

Comes with JLMSWMB kit with three toggles and LED's to control the relays by 4 wires.



Kit doesn't come with DC servo parts as JLM99v works best without DC servo.

Requires +/-V and 48v to run so our AC/DC is perfect for this.

JLM99*MB PCB measures 5.45" (139mm) x 2.3" (59mm).

Input Transformers the PCB can take directly are

  • JLM1:4 (comes with 2 x 3mm bolts and 2 x plastic bushes which hold the transformer 1mm off the PCB)
  • OEP A262A2E, A262A3E, A262A6E, A262A7E
  • Lundahl LL1538, LL1538XL, LL1576, LL1577, LL1578XL.
  • Jensen JT-11K8-APC, JT-110K-HPC, JT-115-EPC, JT-MB-CPCA
  • Remember to mount all transformers with a gap of about 1mm under them so any metal shields do NOT short out any of the PCB Pads.


JLMSW PCB is 1" (25.4mm) x 1.3" (32.7mm) with toggle holes spaced at 0.5" (12.7mm).

Product Code: JLM99MBKIT

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