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Welcome to JLM Audio. My name is Joe Malone. I was nicknamed Hosef Maloney by Brisbane Band Custard who wrote a song about me by the same name while I did Front of House sound for them around Australia for a few Years.  I have designed and repaired Audio Equipment for the last twenty years for people like Silverchair, Wolfmother, John Butler Trio, Divinyls, Angels, Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Tommy Emmanuel, Fuel, Reef, etc. I have repaired hundred of valve guitar & HiFi amps & pre amps. As well as thousands of pieces of Vintage Studio Equipment including Neve, UREI, Pultec, QuadEight, Electrodyne, Philips, Telefunken, Sontec, ITI etc.

JLM Audio Equipment is not based on one set style of circuitry like most other companies. We use various topologies (Tube, Transistor and  IC) and circuitry styles (A, A/B). The combination of these is driven by getting the best sound not the cheapest price. Also simplicity of use and the smooth feel of large easy to use control knobs and buttons is always apart of our designs. High Quality Audio Transformers feature in the entire range. All JLM Audio Equipment is built to last and for ease of servicing.

JLM Audio equipment is made to be remembered. Just like I remember the first time I used a Neve 1073 Module Mixing Desk, Pultec, UREI 1176 & LA2A. All these pieces of equipment put the Engineer right in the middle of the playing field before you start. They are all simple to use and completely change your perception when you use them, making you feel like a great engineer every time you feel those goose bumps as great sounds come cruising from the monitors. JLM Audio has improved on these types of designs using computer aided design, modern regulated power supplies & quieter modern parts to improve signal to noise and also through lots of testing and feedback from some of the best Engineers in the business.

So if you are sick of playing with little boxes with even smaller control knobs that don't seem to respond or add up to a great sound wherever you set the controls, try some of the classics I have mentioned or JLM Audio and you will be enlightened.

Joe Malone



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