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New JLM NV500 Mic Pre

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The Comps are coming but there have been holdups with metal work and meters and myself as I am almost 6 months into a 7 month huge house reno which seems to require a couple of my hours each day talking to trademans so the house looks like it is supposed too. Only a few weeks to go until we can move back in and I cannot wait. This is also the reason why I haven't made it to AES this year. Also the huge new workshop fit out is basically done bar some trimmings. So it has been a busy year.

OK below is the NEW JLM NV500 mic pre module to hold everyone over. This is our take on the classic Neve 1073/1290 Mic Pre but heavily reworked to give you much more. Firstly the input impedance is fully variable between 200ohm and 1200ohm instead of switched which give you a great tone/speed control to help balance the mic pre tone without adding extra EQ. The NV500 runs directly from the +/-16v rails of the API rack without any inverters.

Has the usual features of our Daul99v500 & TG500 series pres

Balanced in Rack XLR which is switched to 1meg Fet DI input when jack plugged in.
48v phantom power switch with red LED indicator for rack XLR in.
(All below features work for XLR and DI input.)
Phase switch.
20dB pad switch
Input transformer inline.
Variable Impedance 200ohm to 1k2 with centre detent at starting Z point.
80Hz HPF switch with orange Led indicator.
Gain switch in 12 x 5dB steps from 20dB to 75dB.
Output trim pot with -5dB to 0dB range (with pot knob pulled out -90dB to 0dB range).
Huge output transformer (same size as Neve LO1166).
Internal jumper for output ground lift.
Internal JLM 8 buss connector with jumper settings.
Double sided Gold plated rear edge connector.
And of course the DI jack is backlit soft blue so you can find it in the dark :-)

Joe :-)
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