500 series EDAC Edge Connectors for TG500s

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500 series EDAC Edge Connectors for TG500s

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Hiya Joe, thanks for 15way EDAC connectors.

As mentioned I'm rewiring an old retro 6 slot Rebus lunchbox which is all point to point ie; no pcb rails etc. The exisiting wiring was such a mess, I just want to check I have the edge connector loom correct;

Can you please confirm for the TG 500's (and my API 512c's);

EDAC Pin 2; Output/XLR Pin 2
EDAC Pin 4; Output/XLR Pin 3
EDAC Pin 5; Output/XLR Pin 1 Shield
EDAC Pin 8; Input/XLR Pin 2
EDAC Pin 10; Input/XLR Pin 3
EDAC Pin 12; +16vdc
EDAC Pin 13; psu ground
EDAC Pin 14; -16vdc
EDAC Pin 15; +48v

Two quick questions;
a) Input/XLR Pin 1 (shield) goes where?
b) Is this all good for +48v?

Many thanks as always, Nathan @ Mixosmosis :D

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