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Neve V - 51 Interconnector Build thread

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:18 am
by Joe Malone
Neve V - 51 Interconnector kit

Notes and Errata
1. Best noise performance is normally with R10 & C4 shorted out by linking Pin 1 mains ground & Pin 2 Audio ground under the 5 pin XLR.
2. Only one power section needs to be fitted in a rack of channels up to 4 channels. All other pcbs are feed power by the 20 pin power buss header.
3. Gain amp is needed on all cards.
4. If you are not using a Neve Output card then the 2 caps and resistors under the card area are fitted to give you balanced output.
5. VU Meter pcb area is optional and can switch VU meter level globally across all pcbs connected by power buss by shorting SW VU LVL 2 wires together on one pcb.
6. Set all pcbs jumpers to your Neve type 51 or V.