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DSUB4 Build Thread

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Fit all parts to pcb as shown in the build map link below.

Use step by step build map at this link http://jlmaudio.com/builds/maps/DSUB4_map.html

JLM STBUS 10pin output (Same as on AMP HEAD, AMP HEAD II, STATTEN, Stereo IO kit etc)
Pin 1 Left +
Pin2 Left -
Pin 3 & 4 V+
Pin 5 & 6 0v
Pin 7 & 8 V-
Pin 9 Right -
Pin 10 Right +

JLM 8BUS ribbon lays out directly into IDC DB25 type connectors as Tascam format as long as red stripe pin 1 of ribbon cable lines up with pin25 DB25 which is the second pin from the end. So pin 13 is left empty and ribbon cable pin 25 & 26 are not used and removed.

JLM 8BUS 26pin input/output (Same as on Passive Monitor Controller, DSUB4, TASCAM/IDC to XLR/TRS IN & OUT PCB/kits etc)
Pin 1 0v (Pin 1 Square pad on PCB)
Pin 2 Ch1-
Pin 3 Ch1+
Pin 4 0v
Pin 5 Ch2-
Pin 6 Ch2+
Pin 7 0v
Pin 8 Ch3-
Pin 9 Ch3+
Pin 10 0v
Pin 11 Ch4-
Pin 12 Ch4+
Pin 13 0v
Pin 14 Ch5-
Pin 15 Ch5+
Pin 16 0v
Pin 17 Ch6-
Pin 18 Ch6+
Pin 19 0v
Pin 20 Ch7-
Pin 21 Ch7+
Pin 22 0v
Pin 23 Ch8-
Pin 24 Ch8+
Pin 25 V-
Pin 26 V+
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