V72 connections to Go-Between and 48V SPS

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V72 connections to Go-Between and 48V SPS

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I have in my hands a couple of Telefunken V72 preamps that I am trying put in a lunch-box styled case.
I got me the Go-Between, Variable Pad and a 48V power supply.

Everything is going fine, have built the kits without issue, but I have no luck with the pin-out of the V72 modules.
They power on and transmit a weak sound, but there seems to be something wrong with my grounding.
Whenever I disconnect a microphone there comes this massive buzz-ing sound...

I've seen couple of pictures of racked-up V72s and I guess my question is if someone can shine a light on how you actually connect the pin-out? I guess I'm not the best with reading schematics (especially if they are in german...)

P.s. I am testing the modules sans the JLM kits, just straight in/out of the V72.

Thank you so much in advance!

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