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GO Between kit Build thread

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GO Between kit Build Thread

Notes and Errata
1. If you want to slow the phantom power turn on time you can make the 10uF cap larger like 100uF or 1000uF. But they still need to be 50 to 63 volt types.
2. 3 way terminal blocks dovetail together to make a 6way terminal block before fitting to the PCB.

GO Between kit is just built from the PCB overlay from the lowest height parts to the highest. See photos at bottom of this thread for more details.
Only the 10uF cap, 10 pin header and terminal blocks have to go the correct way around for polarity.
Start with the resistors fitted to the correct positions,
then the 10 pin header polarized correctly.
then 6 way terminal block polarized correctly.
then 10uF 63v cap polarized correctly.
then the 3 x Toggle Switches. Solder only one leg of each until you have them in a neat row and then solder all switch legs.
then solder on the 3mm red led polarized correctly to the top two 48v switch legs with the long led leg going to the switch leg closest to the edge of the PCB.
Joe :-)
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