Variable pad noise, DC? (solved)

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Variable pad noise, DC? (solved)

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EDIT - I'll sound stupid, but for the sake of anyone else searching - I had the connections back the front. The XLR input was connected to where the mic pre input should have been connected and vice versa.
All works fine now. I'll go get fitted for some glasses.)

HI, I 've only recently had a chance to check the go betweens I built with the variable pad attached. Everything works and sounds good, except when I have phantom power on and I turn the variable pad pot I get scratching noise which I assume is DC.
If I remove the variable pad and just run the go between it sounds like it's still there as I get loud popping on all the switches. There's no scratching with phantom turned off. Kits are standard except for a 1000 uF cap to ramp the phantom.
I understand there's a number of possible places to look for the issue, but does anyone have any pointers where to start? It happens on both units I built, so I don't think it's a random solder glob.

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