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Does the 1290 micro have a build thread?

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:49 am
by little izzi
Hi guys,
Just wondering if the 1290 micro has a build thread like some of the other kits do?
I've looked and searched everywhere now and can only find the schematic for the stereo 1290 everything kits.
I've built my 1290 micro now with a few minor problems which Joe has helped me with (Thanks Joe ;-)) but I would still love to see detailed pictures and info etc? Do they exist?
Right now I'm not sure if I'm getting enough gain and would like to know if I'm missing anything obvious?
For example I notice on the 1290 everything kits they have the output trim pot and the micro doesn't, but I can only find the schematic for the everything kit so don't know if I have to wire anything in place of the trim pot etc...
Any help on this would be great!?

izzi :?