Bits and Pieces -- a couple of product suggestions

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Bits and Pieces -- a couple of product suggestions

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Here are two things I've always wanted that I think would be generally useful:

1.) Single-channel panning box. Summing boxes are generally considered for use with a DAW, especially those without pan or volume controls (like the Folcrum). Me, having several preamps but no decent mixer to speak of, would like to build a stand-alone line level panning box. Basic features would be pan, mute, and buss assign (2 busses is all I'd need, preferably with the ability to use both simultaneously). You could plug any mono line-level source into the input, connect the L and R outputs to your summing box of choice, and blam -- instant mixer. The beauty of this is how easy it'd be to then assemble a mixer by gradually adding preamps.

2.) Studio monitoring logic. DIY Coleman Audio, basically. My ideal monitor/master controller would have 3 stereo inputs, 3 outputs, and a seperate "mastering" chain w/seperate outputs where you could insert eqs, compressors, etc and the signal source could be any or all of the 3 inputs. Assiginable VU meters (or just LED ladders) optional, headphone amp w/volume and source selector mandatory.

Thanks again for your excellent products (my two Baby Animals rock)!

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