This Section will grow with lots of circuits of Classic Recording Equipment and Simple mods to make them better. Slowly changing schematics over to PDF types. PDFs have web link on them to take you direct to more info on the web site if you need it.




















 I CAN say that Joe's "Simplemod" for the 1272 sounds amazing! I've built two channels of this circuit, but used a separate gain pot (yes, POT on a class-A Neve!) and toggle switch rather than the pot/pull-switch combo on the schematic. I built them using two BA183 cards (I didn't have any 1272 modules) along with Marinair 10468's and LO1166 transformers used in the original Neve's, which I happened to have in hopes of building some pre's someday.

 The only circuit mod I made to Joe's design is to increase the feedback cap from the suggested 470uF to 4700uF. This is a suggestion I had read in many Geoff Tanner posts for people wanting to make mic pre's out of the two-stage BA183/283 card. According to his posts it helps maintain excellent LF response at higher gains. Joe's design only allows for 60dB gain at max, which is good enough for most of my applications recording pop music, but I can tell you for certain, the LF response is superb.

 These actually sound better than a buddy's Brent Averill 1272's. They don't have as much gain as Brent's, but they just sound clearer and richer when max'd out... more polished somehow.

Joel Cameron