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JLM Audio Extreme Mastering Console $POA (because we can make it however you want it to be)

Left Side Chicken Head knob Switch Section with Centre off Toggle Switches

Centre Lite Pushbutton Section and top right hand corner TB pot

Right Lite Push button Section with Rotary Encoder and Display

  1. >Rotary Encoder with push switch used to control level attenuation in 1dB steps from 0 to -79dB as shown on display. Uses Vacuum tube reed relays for precision switching of  levels.
  2. >Programmable boot up level by setting desired level and pushing on encoder for 5 seconds until display flashes.
  3. >Dim turns down level to a preset level set by pushing on encoder while in Dim mode.
  4. >Phase invert Left and Right Switches.
  5. >Cut Left & Right Switches.
  6. >Swap Left & right Switch.
  7. >Mono Switch.
  8. >Mute Switch.
  9. >Three electronically Interlocked Lite Pushbuttons for Speaker selection.
  10. >Meter Out Switch for meters to follow monitor section switches or stay on main output.
  11. >Meter +10dB Switch for setting meter 0VU to 10dB higher level.
  12. >Meter outputs on rear panel D15 connector for Left, Right, L+R (Vert or Middle), L-R (Lat or Side).
  13. >Switch for studio output to follow monitor switches or stay on main output.
  14. >Studio out level pot.