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BA Build Photo

Post by single_fin »

I just finished my BA. Very happy with the results. Great sound, and lots of gain. I'm not a professional, so can't really say anything of substance about the sound quality.

I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with this. It was my second DIY project, after building a paia fatman synth. I'm pretty excited at the idea of building my own gear. Next up? fix the wiring a bit. then some effects pedals maybe, and i guess I need a compressor now.
Thnaks Joe


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Post by astrovic »

Nice work, my friend. Welcome to the club (cult? :D )

Perhaps the compressor you'll get to build will be the one Joe's had stickied for months now and we're all hanging to see in the flesh...

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Post by chrisp »

Hey Astro

I saw it when I visited Joe back in June.

Its, well, small. A mindshatteringly marvel of minaturisation.
Chris P
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