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Re: Palpigrade Build Thread

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Gersef wrote:
Fri Jul 23, 2021 7:13 am
Hi Joe,

Wanted to share the finished Summing Amp with you.
This unit is absolutely dead quiet, no noise floor, amazing.
The difference in output voltage between the 16 channels is within +/-0,0015V.
The sound is really nice and it works beautifully.

The only not so nice looking parts are the ribbon cables as they are right now, but doesn‘t affect sound so who cares…

All of that could not have been achieved without your Palpigrade kits.
So a really cool little kit that is really fantastic quality.
Good thing I found that in your shop when I decided to build a summing unit.

And luckily it came with a sticker I put on the top of the box (above the input modules).

I am looking forward to the countless hours of fun I will have with this summing box.
Wow, very nice build :D Great to hear you got it all working perfectly. Thanks for posting the photos. 8) :D

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Joe :-)
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