It's been amazingly busy year so far. Hundreds of LA500A kits have been sold to happy customers all over the world. If you want to see one being built in high speed check out this video. Regrettably due to rising costs we will be increasing our prices from 1st August. So now is the best time to order on the JLM Webshop before the price rise (out of stock orders paid before this date will also be at currently prices). Orders over $1990 AUD still have free shipping worldwide!

JLM 8 channel Sidekick rack and 11.5 channel Eleven rack (the extra 1/2 channel rack is perfect for our Dual Amp Head module) are in stock! As well as our JLM 500 series micpre (TG500, NV500, Dual99v500, BA500), compressor (LA500A, FC500A) and EQ (PEQ500) modules to go in them.

New 6 Band EQ's are coming soon! Don't forget to like our JLM Facebook page and Instagram to get all the latest info on product updates and to see great posts of JLM gear being built and used in studios around the world! We would also love to see your pics of JLM Gear! And if you see something you like please share the posts with your friends to help spread the word.

Also check out the 32 channel AMPs we custom built for Dolby Labs and ANU on our facebook page here. You can power your active speaker system using our 12PAKAMP RED Kit with a Hypex DLCP processor or 12PAKAMP BLUE Kit with a miniDSP processor.

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ELEVEN way 500 Series Rack with Power Supply

Features 11 Slots with 200mA per slot single power supply or 400mA power per slot dual power supply, Full compatibility with API 500 Series modules, Extra Half slot with Stereo TRS in and out for optional Headphone & Monitor Modules etc, Neutrik Gold XLR in and outs, Neutrik Gold TRS in and outs, DB25 in and out on the rear panel, Phantom Power, Compressor linking jumpers on rear pcb, Jumpers for parallel TRS to XLR or make TRS 2nd in and out per module, Super tough fully welded one piece steel chassis and rack itself only weighing only 3.5kg!

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Dual Head Amp

Dual AMP HEADphone module fits in the spare half module space on our JLM Audio ELEVEN racks. Uses left and right TRS on rear for in and out loop. You can fit a lot in 19mm wide. Note: This module only fits in the extra 1/2 slot in our ELEVEN Rack.

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The NV500 is our take on the classic Neve 1073/1290 Mic Pre but heavily reworked to give you much more. Firstly the input impedance is fully variable between 200ohm and 1200ohm instead of switched which give you a great tone/speed control to help balance the mic pre tone without adding extra EQ. The NV500 runs directly from the +/-16v rails of any API 500 rack without the use of any inverters.

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The TG500 mic pre is a 2 FET 6 transistor Class A design giving 75dB of gain. It is based on early NEVE, BBC, EMI gear simple transistor gain stages fully redesigned to includes heaps of extra useful features and to run on API+/-16v rails (run fully symmetrically so output head room is not lost and no DC to DC inverters are needed) Uses modern easy to get transistors and our custom audio transformers. It is NOT a EMI TG clone but to compare the tone to a EMI it is fatter, smoother sounding and has more clarity in the low mids than a Neve 1073. It is the goto pre for Electric Guitars. And if you want old school tone all over your recording that will gel it together without turning everything to mud this is the one.

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The Dual99v500 mic pre uses 2 of our discrete 99v opamps (New +/-16v version) as a 2 stage gain path to provide 75dB of gain with ease. It is aimed at getting big but realistic vocals and acoustic instruments. With the impedance control 200 to 3k it goes from dark and slow to airy and fast tone wise. A centre detent at Z is the best starting point.

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NV500 -  I expected a fairly decent preamp considering the price and reviews I found. But I was surprised when I first plugged in a mic and started recording a vocal track. Wow! It's so transparent and full and lots of detail! I really didn't think that it would be a pre of this kind of quality. In my perpective it easily matches the big and far more expensive pre's I've tried. The build quality is alo worthed to be mentioned. Great design, great sound! Absolutely recommended. Good job Joe! Erik Spanjers - www.studiosilvester.nl

TG500 -  This is a superb sounding unit and may be the best eq/compressor/sub-harmonic synth pretending to be a mic pre I've ever owned ;) The envelope is amazing - the attack opens up and gives a real kick but with a heavy groove. The timing of my beats really came together after running the parts through the DI. So far I've found it to be very detailed (much more so than the 1073's I've used). It's punchy without being knocky and the bottom end is a beautiful, if bewildering combination of DEEP fatness, punch and clarity.That fact I can tune the desired amount of these attributes via the impedance control is invaluable and makes the unit very versatile. Interestingly, the changes sound consistent on Focals, NS10, and headphones (something I often battle with) - it's definitely helping with placement and balance ("glue") Thanks!!!! Peret Mako

Dual99v500 - Wow, That is the best descriptive I have for both the Dual99v500 and NV500 Pre's.....totally different sounding and both sound fantastic and from my brief time with them, I can nurse quite a few textures out of them. I have three more slots in this rack, and I think you will be getting another email from me when the next jobs check clears.....Yeaaaaaah, thank you for an excellent product.. Damien Rasmussen smokeandmirrorsaudio San Francisco, CA www.damienrasmussen.com
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